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启点加速器付费破解版-青鸥宋祁‘s blog:2021-2-22 · 破解了VIP线路正常使用到期后仍然可以使用 启点加速器是一款致力于为客户提供优质网络加速服务的APP, 无广告,安全稳定,无速度和流量限制,可使用国内及全球多国线路。 7X24小时全网络动态监控,专业技术团队确保稳定运行。

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Iterate Labs’ location and contact tracing device, top right, which can be attached to a worker’s wrist or arm or worn around the neck, for workplace social distancing. The device gives off audio and haptic alerts when workers are too close to one another.

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A Cornell-based startup, founded by Jason Guss, Ph.D. ’18, and Apoorva Kiran, Ph.D. ’17, has expanded the features of its platform’s technology to fit the times in which we live, ensuring social... Read more about Startup’s contact tracing tech tracks workplace distancing

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In mid-March, the world came to a screeching halt. At least, that’s what it felt like to members of the Student Project Teams at Cornell Engineering. Campus closed and in-person work was suddenly... Read more about Project Teams rise to the challenge

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